S.No Topic Student Name Year
1 Evaluation of Response Modification Factors for Reinforced Concrete Frame structures in Pakistan. (PhD) Engr. Yasir Irfan Badrashi 2015
2 Strengthening of existing columns using FRP wrap. (MSc) Engr. Azam Amir 2014
3 Comparison of approximate analysis method (portal) with more refined FEA method (SAP2000) for static and dynamic lateral load procedures. (MSc) Engr. Farhan Ahmad 2014
4 Study on seismic performance assessment of Tarbela dam using stat of the art finite element techniques. (MSc) Engr. Shahana Mujeeb 2013
5 Comparison of BCP, SP-2007 with IBC 2009 and NBC of India 2005, with regard to the resulting safety and economy from the design of a reinforced concrete building. (MSc) Engr. Mohammad Adeel Khan 2013
6 Comparison of Russian Structural Codes with IBC (US) Structural codes in terms of safety and economy for Afghanistan. (MSc) Engr. Sebghatullah Tamin 2013
7 To check the suitability of Coarse Aggregate Sources Available in District Noshera for use in Ordinary Structural Concrete. (MSc) Engr. Imtiaz ul Haq Khattak 2012
8 Engineering Assessment of Coarse Aggregates used in Peshawar. (MSc) Engr. Muhammad Ayub 2012
9 Non-Liner static (Pushover) analysis timber frame construction (Dhajji) with masonry infill. (MSc) Engr. Muhammad Umar 2009
10 Performance Evaluation of Dhajji Construction under Dynamic Loading. (MSc) Engr. Muhammad Fahim 2009
11 Mechanical properties of block masonry structural system. (MSc) Engr. Imdad Khan 2006
12 Study on evaluation the adhesive properties of various epoxies used for reinforcement anchoring and crack injection. (MSc) Engr. Anwar Shah 2006
13 Seismic performance evaluation of stone masonry structural system. (MSc) Engr. Taj Muhammad Adil 2006
14 Non-Linear shear Damage Index studies of brick masonry using finite element modeling techniques. (MSc) Engr. Mohammad Adil 2005
15 Development of non-linear shear strength constitutive material. (MSc) Engr. Yasir Irfan Badrashi 2005
16 To study the compressive strength and modulus of electricity of brick masonry. (MSc) Engr. Mazhar Ali 2005
17 Study on shear modulus of un-reinforced brick masonry system. (MSc) Engr. Farhat Ali Banori 2005