Research Interests

Development of Seismic Risk Maps for Pakistan, Seismic Code Development for Pakistan, Non-linear Experimental and Numerical Studies of Masonry Structures, Repair and Strengthening of Masonry and RC Structures.

Ph.D. Research Supervised

  • Evaluation of Response Modification Factors for Reinforced Concrete Frame structures in Pakistan. (2016)

M.Sc. Research Supervised

  • Effects of infill wall modeling on design of reinforced concrete building. (2018)
  • Comparison of approximate analysis method (portal) with more refined FEA method (SAP2000) for static and dynamic lateral load procedures. (2014)
  • Strengthening of existing columns using FRP warp. (2014)
  • Comparison of Russian Structural Codes with IBC (US) Structural codes in terms of safety and economy for Afghanistan. (2014)
  • Study on seismic performance assessment of Tarbela dam using state of the art finite element techniques. (2013)
  •  Comparison of BCP, SP-2007 with IBC 2009 and NBC of India 2005, with regard to the resulting safety and economy from the design of a reinforced concrete building. (2013)
  • To check the suitability of Coarse Aggregate Sources Available in District Nowshera for use in Ordinary Structural Concrete. (2012)
  • Study on evaluation the adhesive properties of various epoxies used for reinforcement anchoring and crack injection. (2012)
  • Engineering Assessment of Coarse Aggregates used in Peshawar. (2012)
  • Performance Evaluation of Dhajji Construction under Dynamic Loading. (2010)
  • Non-Liner static (Pushover) analysis timber frame construction (Dhajji) with masonry infill. (2010)
  • Non-Linear shear Damage Index studies of brick masonry using finite element modeling techniques. (2006)
  • Development of non-linear shear strength constitutive material. (2006)
  • To study the compressive strength and modulus of electricity of brick masonry. (2006)
  • Study on shear modulus of un-reinforced brick masonry system. (2006)

TA-8910 NEP: Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project

  • Funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) Nepal through with the generous support by the Government of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Project goals:
    ▪ Seismic performance assessment of schools type designs in remote areas of Nepal
    ▪To test scaled-models of one-room buildings representing the Type Designs to simulated earthquake shaking on a shake table and understand the model’s dynamic properties, seismic behavior, damage pattern, etc.

Development of R-Factor and Indigenous Retrofit Techniques for Brick Masonry Building in Pakistan (2014-2016)

  • Funded by HEC through BOASAR (worth Rs. 1.5 million)
  • Project goals:
    ▪ Seismic performance improvement of masonry buildings through experimental investigation
    ▪ Development of low cost and effective retrofit techniques for existing masonry buildings. 

Evaluation of Response Modification Factor for Reinforced Concrete Frames in Pakistan (2009-2014)

  • Funded by Higher Education Commission (HEC) (worth Rs. 3.0 million)
    Project goals:
    ▪ A survey of design practices of Reinforced Concrete construction in Pakistan
    ▪ Experimental investigation of Code-compliant and non-compliant reinforced concrete structural members
    ▪ Development of R-Factors for building Code of Pakistan (BCP-SP07)

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Stone Masonry Buildings of Himalayan Belt using Shake Table Tests (2009-2012)

  • Funded by HEC through BOASAR (worth Rs. 1.9 million)
  • Project goals:
    ▪ The main purpose of this research work was to study the performance of existing construction of stone masonry in the Northern regions of Pakistan
    ▪ Develop construction guidelines for improved performance. 

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Dhajji Dewari Construction using Quasi Static Cyclic and Shake Table Tests (2009-2012)

  • Funded by HEC through BOASAR (worth Rs. 1.0 million)
  • Project goals:
    ▪ Performance assessment and development of design guidelines for Dhajji Dewari construction in the Northern regions of Pakistan.
    ▪ Development of R-Factor and Indigenous Retrofit Techniques for Brick Masonry Building in Pakistan. (2014-2016)

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